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Heads up Sit and goes

Heads up Sit and goes are a high variance game that designates each player a fixed amount of chips.

Each player starts with the same amount and play down until one has all of them. This playing style of sit and go should be played with constant aggression, but also controlled.

At the beginning of a heads up sit and go should be the feeling out period to see if your opponent is a passive player or an aggressive player. The best strategy for early on in a sit and go is to play passive and then pick your spots to pick up chips.

If you play overly aggressive you can commit too much of your stack with a weaker hand and be forced to call your stack off well behind in a pot. As opposed to if you play passive in the beginning you can be the one with the better hand and let your opponent put all of their chips in well behind.

As the middle levels of a sit and go approach, the variance will be higher in pots won compared to pots lost. If you start to pick up the pace in the middle stages or the 3rd or 4th blind level, you can win the match right there.

This is the time of the match to start to gamble with your chips if you want to win. The hand ranges to play from the button are almost anything you can make a hand with. Stay away from hands such as Jack with a rag card or hands that will not flop hard.

Every ace should be played as well as every king in the pocket. Playing these types of hands in position is the best strategy and for a minimum raise to a 2.5 raise before the flop. If you put too much in before the flop and are not able to call a shove, then it will be unprofitable and your stack could dwindle in a hurry.

Limping sometimes could also be the right play with hands like these because if you feel that your opponent is shoving in lighter you might be able to trap them.

When the big blind levels are approaching and you and your opponent have got 10-15 big blinds each, this is the time of the match to start pressing and you should try to win as many pots as possible.

The minimum raise should be out of your arsenal of moves at this point unless you can snap call a shove. This means that unless you have a big pocket pair or hands like AQ or AK, you should not be putting a raise in before the flop. The best play in this situation is to simply go allin.

If you can start to pick up pot after pot then you will certainly have the edge to win the match. This is the crucial part of the match where you will have to win a race or get your opponent to shove in with a worse hand.

The range of hands to play is all over the board depending on your read on your opponent to this point. Paying attention to how your opponent has been playing early on will help you win the match at this level.

The best rooms for HU SNGs are pokerstars and party poker. They have constantly a large number of sit anf goes running, so you will have almost no waiting time at low or mid stakes, and you can even find higher stakes heads-up sit and goes too.