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Tough folds

In the game of poker there are moments when you have to be able to fall out of love with your hand.

It is very easy to get emotionally attached to a poker hand. Players do it all of the time. But if you can learn how to divorce yourself from the hand and look at the situation rationally, then you will realize that a great number of times your hand is actually beaten.

Making Tough Folds in Tournaments

Many people think of tournaments as if they are an extended period of poker playing. They are in reality shorter measurements of achievements than the way in which you would evaluate your overall ring game play. This has a serious impact on some of the decisions that you make.

In addition to everything else that you would normally be thinking about in making your decision to call, fold, or raise, you also have to think about chip stacks and tournament position and blind levels and tournament pay outs. It is a much different position and tends to be a little more conservative in nature because, for the most part, you cannot buy back into a tournament like you can in a ring game.

Some online poker tournaments do allow for a rebuy or an addon, but even when they do it is only in the earlier levels of the game and, if you make it far enough into the tournament, you will be faced with decisions that you will make differently because you are in a tournament. Such decisions are different if you were in a ring game.

Lose Less and Win More By Making Tough Folds

The game of poker is about averages. It is all about averages.

Overall success at the poker tables means that you have more money at the end of a period than you had when you started at the beginning of a period. It doesn't matter how many hands you win or how many hands that you lose. In fact it also doesn't matter how many times that you were bluffed and laid down the best hand.

If you are overly concerned about laying down the best hand, then you need to do something to convince yourself the value of allowing yourself to be bluffed once in a while. This might consist of some kind or record keeping or some other way to get a better feeling for what has been going on.

The more you know and understand about the way that you play and the way that others around you play, the better that you bottom line will be. The only thing that matters is that you have more money over time.

Tough Folds Are Easier With More Data

To prepare yourself, for some of the difficult decisions that you are going to be forced to make when you play Texas Hold Em poker or Omaha Hi, you need to keep your attention focused at all times and watch other players to see how they play.

Remember as much as you can about all of the players that you are playing with so when the time comes that you have to make a decision to call, fold, or raise against one of these players, you will be able to think back at how these players reacted in similar circumstances.

If you are attentive you can learn an awful lot about a player. If you remember all of this information that you have learned then you can put it to use when it comes to making that tough fold, or that tough call, in any poker game.

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